The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia

New York Times

"A new walking tour of Philadelphia helps visitors find their way to sites relating to the city's history and its key role in the creation of the United States."

"When it comes to the historic district, the 2 most effective modes of transportation are you left foot and your right...the area contains the densest concentration of historic sites in the country - the focus of The New Constitutional Walking Tour."

Chicago tribune

"No visit to Philadelphia is complete without taking a Constitutional Guided Walking Tour, a 75-minute, mile and a quarter stroll that puts 15 historic sites... in perspective."

Philadelphia Business Journal

One of Philadelphia's Top 25 Tourist Attractions

"Spirits of '76 - Night-time walking tours with guides who carry lanterns and dress in black are among the city's most popular tourist attractions."

"Spooktacular (but educational) times are sure to ensue on Philadelphia's newest ghost tour, which visits 15 scary sites around Old City."

"If Betsy Ross is too tame for you, then the Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour featuring terrifying tales from Philadelphia may be more to your liking... More than 15 frights and sights are highlighted on the 75-minute walking adventure."

"The Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour kicked off this week... Topics will include author Edgar Allan Poe, who lived part of his life in Philadelphia, and Leo Callahan, the only prisoner to successfully escape Eastern State Penitentiary."

The Haunted Express

"All aboard - if you dare - the double-decker Haunted Express, an hour-long adventure tour that weaves its way through the city streets to show you more than 15 of Philadelphia's most frightening locales."

"Experience Philadelphia's Haunted History... The Haunted Express has been launched in Philadelphia -- providing visitors with a close up look at the scarier side of Philadelphia history. Places like the dancing Ben Franklin Statue, ghostly sightings on Pine Street, and a haunted film set are among the 15 stops during the tour."

"Take A Spooky Ride On The Haunted Express. Just in time for Halloween, a new haunting attraction is making its way through Center City... The Haunted Express visits more than fifteen sites in Philadelphia and guests learn haunted facts and folklore...The mortals on board gave the experience a thumbs up."

"The Haunted Express, a double-decker bus, has already hit the road in Philadelphia, giving tours of more than 15 frights and sights. Participants learn about the ghosts that inhabit the Betsy Ross House, the dancing statue of Benjamin Franklin at Library Hall, and paranormal Pine Street."

"Ghouls, goblins, goodies of the month... The Haunted Express... visits the former home of Edgar Allan Poe and the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, where Bram Stoker wrote a portion of "Dracula." Also seen are film locations from thrillers such as "The Sixth Sense," "Unbreakable," "Twelve Monkeys," and "Blow Out."

"This is no ordinary bus ride! The Haunted Express takes visitors on a unique tour of Center City and vicinity on the lookout for ghosts... Stores abound about sightings at historic sites, and your guide relates them all. Yes, there are tales about Independence Hall, and the graveyard nearby where Ben Franklin lies. And you never know when someone might...uhh...drop by."

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