Case Studies Taught at Temple University

From Spring 2004 to the present, Jonathan Bari has served as an Adjunct Professor of Business at Temple University’s Fox School of Business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he has taught strategic planning on a part-time basis in two different upper level undergraduate classes for the Department of Strategic Management: BA 4101, Global Business Policies and BA 361W, Business Policies. In teaching these “capstone” courses, Mr. Bari utilizes the Harvard Business School Case Method, and he focuses on integrating his students’ strategic planning learning across various disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, government relations, legal, marketing, management, operations, organizational behavior and statistics. To that end, Mr. Bari instructs his courses using case studies featuring a variety of leading companies from various industries, non-profits and government organizations, many with a special focus on information technology.

In addition, Mr. Bari served as a Fellow in the Irwin L. Gross eBusiness Institute[1] at Temple’s Fox School of Business from 2002 to 2004.
The following companies have been the subject of Case Studies that Mr. Bari has used in teaching his courses at Temple University, including: Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, The Coca-Cola Company, Craig’s List, Dollar General, eBay, Etsy, Facebook, General Electric, Google, Kleiner Perkins, Louis Vuitton, Mattel, McDonald’s, Merck, Microsoft, National Football League, Netflix, Porsche, Samsung, Sirius XM, UPS, The Walt Disney Company, Xerox, and Yahoo!.
For a comprehensive list of the Case Studies which Mr. Bari has taught at Temple University, please click here.

[1] The Irwin L. Gross eBusiness Institute (EBI) Fellows program recognized information technology and e-commerce leaders and provided a model for involving practitioners with The Fox School. The vision of the Fellows program was to create a simple structure so that IT leaders can interact with and contribute to the mission of the Fox School and specifically the information technology programs, students, and research activities.